Education and Development

At Bosnalijek, we are aware of the importance of human resources and their knowledge and skills for the further development of the company. This is why we have encouraged and implemented numerous activities within the domain of education and further professional training for our employees.

Our objective is for our employees to develop a sense of organisational efficiency, leadership and self-confidence. Through focused modern training programmes, we support them in their development of interpersonal and negotiation skills, goal setting, efficient time management, mastering specific methods and working procedures, improved relationships with customers and consumers, and the development of personal qualities such as creativity, problem solving, communication, cooperation and teamwork.  

Bearing in mind the specifics of the pharmaceutical industry, we devote special attention to regular employee training within the domain of Good Manufacturing Practice.

When defining training plans, the focus is on the individual needs of our employees. This is based on the job requirements and the employee’s level of competence and ability to develop competence. We also pay great attention to the evaluation of the effects of training and the application of the gained knowledge.

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We respect individual skills
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