Our Values

In order to achieve the defined objectives in accordance with the mission, business vision and strategy of Bosnalijek we are committed to adopting and applying the fundamental values that shape our daily work.

•    Responsibility
•    Professionalism
•    Competence/expertise
•    Teamwork/collaboration
•    Open communication/honesty
•    Respect

•    We accept responsibility for the work we do as well as to our colleagues, customers and the public.
•    We accept the tasks and challenges set before us and take responsibility for their successful resolution.
•    We focus on solutions and results rather than on difficulties.
•    We take responsibility for our mistakes as well as our successes.
•    We are prepared to make decisions and take responsibility for the risks, requirements and results thereof.

•    We insist on and set the highest standards in the performance of business tasks.
•    We make decisions based on facts.
•    We are committed to meeting the expectations of our customers and the public.
•    We strive to overcome difficulties such as time and resource limitations and find answers to complex and demanding circumstances that arise in our work.
•    We utilise the knowledge and experience gained in past situations to solve problems in the present more efficiently.
•    We approach our work with positivity and enthusiasm.

•    We set high standards for ourselves when it comes to knowledge, expertise and competence and we are committed to achieving and maintaining these standards.
•    We constantly strive for development and new and better methods, procedures and technologies to improve the performance of our business tasks.
•    We endeavour to achieve set objectives and anticipated business results, regardless of difficulties and in line with personal standards and the company’s adopted quality standards.


•    We place the interests of a team, department and sector above personal interests.
•    We value the contribution of all team members and respect different opinions and approaches to problem solving, successful planning and attaining common objectives.
•    We believe that quality teamwork surpasses individual achievement, but this does not undermine the importance of individual results.

Open Communication/Honesty
•    We aim to create an environment in which we can all freely express our opinions, needs and difficulties and point out what is important to us.
•    We foster open communication and an environment conducive to the presentation of original ideas and creative solutions to problems.
•    We strive to communicate clearly, openly and consistently.
•    We endeavour to provide our colleagues and associates with objective and timely information on relevant issues and problems, in order for them to be more successful in their work.

•    We insist on high ethical and moral standards in all relations with our colleagues, customers and the public.
•    We foster fair, honest and proper relationships within the company.
•    We treat all people with the same level of respect and consideration, regardless of their position, gender, age and experience.
•    We communicate with our colleagues and associates in a friendly and respectfully manner and encourage them to express their opinions and ideas.
•    We express respect for others through constant communication, listening to their opinions, ideas and concerns, and by analysing their views before providing or proposing a corresponding response.

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