How to prepare for the interview

Prior to the interview
1. Find out more about the opportunity:
    a. Collect information on Bosnalijek and the pharmaceutical industry, find out more about our products, financial indicators, corporate culture and such like from our web page, press articles, etc.
    b. If possible, learn more about the job description and job requirements.
    c. Prepare in advance some questions you wish to ask during the interview.

2. Prepare information about yourself:
    a. Go through your education and work experience - that is the best start.
    b. Be prepared to analyse your previous work experience, positions and responsibilities in detail.
    c. Think about the reasons why you are contemplating changing jobs or why you are interested in the
        opportunity at hand.
    d. Consider and attempt to define your objectives for career development.

3. Some advice:
    a. Bring several copies of your CV to the interview.
    b. Dress appropriately - business clothes.
    c. Arrive 5 minutes early.

During the interview
1. Ask questions:
    a. Ask more about the duties and responsibilities.
    b. Ask about the organisational structure, organisation of work and other relevant areas.
    c. Enquire about recognised opportunities for career development and advancement.

2. Stay focused when answering questions:
    a. Listen carefully to the questions and provide clear and concise answers.
    b. Answer questions quickly, assuredly and readily.
    c. Be relaxed and cooperative.

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