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Department Department of Quality Assurance and Control
Profession: Bachelor of Science in Biology

Mirela Miljuš, Development Activities Coordinator

Development Activities Coordinator

Mirela Miljuš, Bachelor of Science in Biology, describes the fulfilling aspects of her job as the dynamics and possibility to introduce innovations into the field of industrial microbiology, which is a sphere that has been on the rise in recent years.

 "The development and introduction of new microbiological trends into daily work fulfils me.  Owing to the fact that I work for Bosnalijek, a company that follows trends of the modern pharmaceutical industry, I have the opportunity to perfect my work in the most complex microbiological analyses.”

She joined Bosnalijek in 2004 through the project ‘Recruitment of Trainees in Sarajevo Canton”. 

"I was a trainee for a year in the departments of Development and Quality Control. In 2005, I was recruited to the Department for Development where I worked for five years. It was an excellent period and I had the opportunity to learn more about the development of medicines. The knowledge I acquired then helped me to continue my work in the Department of Quality Control on the development and validation of analytical methods in the microbiological segment, which was my ultimate objective.”

The Division of Microbiology follows all stages of development of a medicine through its control processes. Active substances and excipients are controlled prior to their incorporation into a final product, as is the packaging material.

 "We also perform monitoring of manufacturing premises and systems within a wide range of activities that we perform every day.”

Mirela stressed that she participates in the procurement of instruments and their introduction into practice, which she sees as an interesting part of her job.

"I am proud of the work I do and the company for which I work. I would like to point out particularly that we are one of the few companies in the region that have introduced mass spectrometry for identification of microorganisms into microbiological processes.”   

The work at the Department of Quality Control is dynamic, challenging and very responsible. Good Manufacturing Practice procedures have to be complied with and a continuous quality system ensured, but Department of Sales time schedules also have to be respected. Yet it is this very combination of dynamics and responsibility that most attracts Mirela.

 "I do not think I would know how to work in a more ‘quiet’ place.
I start my working day in a briefing with the Head of the Department and colleagues from the team I coordinate. The team is a combination of experience and young forces for victories. It is my pleasure to plan duties and exchange ideas and knowledge as well as emotions with them. Each of us is an important link in this chain and we all contribute to achieving our common objectives.” 

Bosnalijek is a company that recognises modern work trends in the pharmaceutical industry and for Mirela this is one of the key reasons why she is proud to be a member of the Bosnalijek team.

 "The working conditions in the company provide for the achievement of my tasks, but I also continuously perfect my work. If we add the work with passion, persistence and proper motives to it the result is individual and collective success.”

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