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Department Department of Corporate Finance
Profession: Officer

Fedina Pašić, Liquidator

Every company has leaders in all areas of its work, those who transfer their knowledge to younger colleagues. Junior colleagues in the Department for Corporate Finance are fortunate to be able to learn and work with Fedina Pašić, who has spent all her years of service with Bosnalijek. She began her professional development with this company in 1982. Today she is happy to have had the chance to spend all these years with Bosnalijek, which has become her second home.

"I am very grateful to have been fortunate enough at the beginning of my career to choose a company that respects professionals and employees dedicated to their work. I used to listen to stories about Bosnalijek when I was a little girl and I wished to start working here. My father retired from Bosnalijek. He was a technologist and I loved hearing his stories from work. Owing to him, I started loving this place where I have spent happy days of my life. You know, my first encounter with Bosnalijek was at the children’s New Year celebration and I still keep the toy I got as my first New Year’s gift from Bosnalijek.”
As a salary liquidator, Fedina performs calculations on binding years of service and processes applications for years of service certificates, sick leave, maternity benefits, loans, subsidies and such like. Because of all these activities, she is always in contact with banks, pension and disability insurance funds, the health insurance institute, taxation administration and colleagues from Bosnalijek. You will often find her making telephone calls and always she is smiling.
"Communication with positive and optimistic people fulfils me. However, I sometimes also have to communicate with those who see a problem and difficulty in everything. Yet I do not get unhappy. I know people sometimes find it difficult to be positive, because of all the difficulties they have to deal with, but I will not let their energy defeat me. When I feel negative energy coming towards me I remember the words of Sulejman Bugari and feel better, 'If the sea is life and the waves are problems it carries do not run and despair. Just learn to surf. That way each wave, no matter how large, will only be a new challenge and opportunity for improvement'.”
Colleagues from Bosnalijek respect her not only for her expertise but also for her efficiency, because cooperation with Fedina means finishing work as quickly as possible.
"I am very satisfied with the work and working conditions at Bosnalijek and I always tell young people that good and positive communication is more than half the work finished. As I said, Bosnalijek is my second home and I hope to leave this company healthy and happy for my pension and keep connections with my colleagues at the annual Bosnalijek Family Day.”

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