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Department Human Resources
Profession: Laboratory Technician

Mirza Musić, Labour Relations and Personnel Files Research Expert Associate

Labour Relations and Personnel Files Research Expert Associate
Mirza Musić began his career with Bosnalijek in 2003 as a sampler administrator in the Department for Quality Assurance and Control, where he learned about the control process for manufactured medicines in manufacturing facilities.

"I loved my job. I worked with an exceptionally good team and I was professionally and privately fulfilled.”

Yet due to a health condition he could not continue his work as the sampler administrator. Therefore, owing to his efforts and competency, he continued his career development in the Department for Human Resources where he now performs duties with reference to employment and personnel records.

"I accepted the offered new position in the Department for Human Resources with pleasure. My work is dynamic and interesting and I do my best to perform my duties properly and with improvements in all their segments.”
The knowledge and expertise of a strong team of more than 800 experts supports all projects and activities in local and foreign markets and is behind the company’s continued success and results. This is why care for our employees is the top priority of the Department for Human Resources, which makes every effort to provide the maximum care and support in the development of each employee through various planned activities.
The Department for Human Resources strives for the professional development of employees and endeavours to maintain a balance between their careers and private lives, focusing on achieving the best possible results.

"The company’s most important resource is its employees. We put great effort into developing  creative concepts appropriate for the development of our colleagues. We also focus our attention on the quality selection process for new employees. We always strive to provide a clear and transparent message to potential employees.”

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